Pauzão | Ed Fox socando vara no Josh Carter

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Gay Porn – Josh Carter se apresenta como hétero mas não dispensa umas boas bombadas no seu rabo, já o dotadão Ed Fox é apto da perfuração de cuzinhos. Ed admira o cuzão avantajado de Josh coberto apenas por uma sexy Jockstraps e cai de boca no seu buraquinho rosado fazendo um pequeno teste com um vibrador antes de socar seu caralhão. As cenas seguintes são repletas de troca troca de boquetes e bombadas profundas de pica fazendo os putos gozarem grosso. #RepostBoys

Gay Fucks – Ed Fox e Josh Carter

Ed Fox & Josh Carter
Ed Fox & Josh Carter

By the time Josh is down on all fours on the sofa, he’s not having a problem taking Ed’s big tool. The skinhead starts slowly, at first, but Josh seems to want it harder and deeper and he pushes back, grinding his muscular butt into Ed’s crotch. So Ed picks up the pace. He spreads Josh’s butt cheeks apart and rams his cock in hard.

I’m really enjoying this scene, but I’m kind of perplexed at how much this straight guy loves getting his ass fucked. I mean back when I came out you could barely look at a straight guy sideways without getting your head popped. So at what point do we stop saying “he’s straight” or “he’s gay” and we just start saying, ” Josh loves getting his ass fucked and he doesn’t care about the gender of the person doing it.

So back to Ed and Josh, who is on his back at this point and Ed is pumping into his fuck hole. And after some serious thrusting, Josh is done. He spews a massive load up his sweaty abs. That cum you’re going to see in the photo at the bottom of this post, that’s all Josh. He seriously drenched himself, and clearly the way to make this straight jock pop a huge load is to shove your 9-inch dick up his ass and fuck him hard.

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